Forum Title: Frustrated and need help!
I am so frustrated! I am including a pic of a part that has failed in 3 of my faucets and I cant seem to find out where to get a replacement. It is some kind of valve that is in each handle. The problem is they lock up and stop working. Any help would be appreciated! Joe
Category: Plumber Post By: FRANCES PHILLIPS (Newton, MA), 06/21/2016

Good pictures of the cartridge, but let's also get a look at a few pics of the faucets in question that show the handles and spout. I should add that the spline count might be needed. Count the number of little ridges on top of the cartridge stem by looking straight down onto it.

- BONNIE SANDERS (Hempstead, NY), 09/25/2017

I don't know wny it's locking up but I do know that after the third time, I would just replace the whole valve , sorry if I ain't much help

- HELEN HERNANDEZ (Irvine, CA), 10/04/2017

3 different valves have seized up on 3 different faucets. Once they seize, they don't work so I am looking for a replacement, I just don't know where to find them to replace them. That was the point of my post. J

- MELANIE ALVARADO (Montebello, CA), 10/10/2017

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