Forum Title: Major air gap issue
Hi, I did a search but did not find anything so I hope I am posting something that has been answered already. Water is shooting out of my air gap consistently. I know this isn't normal and I made sure that the air gap wasn't clogged and also the disposal. I finally called a plumber and all he told me was that I had a really cheap disposal and I need a new one in order for the air gap not to flow with water. After research, I think he is somewhat right because the disposal is cheap as hell and I am sure there is crap all gunked up inside. I plan on installing the new disposal tonight, but I wanted to make sure that it couldn't be another issue. For instance, if my dishwasher was broken or clogged somehow inside the actual dishwasher, would that cause the air gap to flow? The dishwasher has a lot of hard water build up and I want to make sure that would not cause the air gap issue. Also could a clogged drain line (to the wall) cause the air gap to flow or is it definitely the line from the disposal? Anyone else have experience with cheap disposals and air gap flow? Any help is appreciated =)
Category: Plumber Post By: TAMARA HORTON (Federal Way, WA), 09/11/2016

Thanks for the reply; however this doesn't help my current situation. I have a clog somewhere and it's not the air gap. I just want to make sure that the issue is for sure between the line and the disposal, and not in the actual dishwasher. I think an actual clog in the dishwasher would make the dishwasher leak or overflow, and not shoot water from the air gap.

- FREDERICK LYNCH (Kennewick, WA), 09/01/2017

what you need is a cock hole cover and get rid of that damn airgap. disconnect the airgap. and hook the hose from the dishwsher straight to the garbage disposal..see drawing it must have that loop it shows, tie the hose off to the clips holding in your sink

- GINA SUTTON (Scottsdale, AZ), 09/04/2017

disconnect hose from airgap to disposal. blow in it, verify flow. if you eliminate the hose from airgap to disposal, and the air gap fitting..the problem goes away hook the hose from dishwasher directly to disposal. turn on dishwasher, verify flow the hole in your sink, 1 of 2 things, buy a cock hole cover or a soap dispencer

- THELMA GREENE (Carson City, NV), 09/13/2017

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