Forum Title: Pressure Regulator = no water pressure?
Hello all. First time here. I've been remodeling the Money Pit since August - roof leak led to water and mold in the basement. Thought I would turn a small insurance claim into an opportunity to upgrade. Completely re-did water lines from main. 1" PEX to shut off valve to whole house filter to Viega ManaBloc to PEX throughout the house. Passed initial code inspection - code services guy said my P&T valve kept weeping because my water pressure was too high. We took out all the old galvanized and copper. Galvanized was blocked to about a pinhole. Long and short of it is, he recommended we install a pressure regulator (the water tower we are on has over 80 PSI - but I never tested). Water from fridge won't work, if more than one faucet is on at a time, one just quits. Filling a tub takes forever. I adjusted the nut all the way (Cash Acme EB-45 with sharKBITE PTF) , package says it goes to 70 PSI. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
Category: Plumber Post By: KATIE CONTRERAS (Sioux City, IA), 06/21/2016

Wow. Probably one of the nicest ways to say, Hey dumb-dumb, go look again and make sure you didn't put that thing in backwards like some jackass. Thanks, Frodo! So, ummmm yeah. Fixed it! (Facepalm)

- JEANETTE WADE (Idaho Falls, ID), 09/23/2017

post picture of pressure regulator

- VALERIE BURTON (Springfield, OH), 09/28/2017

Should probably mention that prior to the regulator, the (brand new) P&T valve did leak constantly, but our water pressure was like gangbusters.

- LEAH BARBER (Reno, NV), 10/05/2017

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